Citi Broadband

What started in 1985 as a video store later grew into a formidable cable network with wide and far reach in the urban as well as rural areas of the region. Now we are distributors high speed internet connection via optical fibre cables which will connect you to information highway in a much better, sharper, faster fashion than any other modes.

Invaluable experience gained through long years strength us and direct us towards technologies of tomorrows. We consider it as our mission to bring the latest technologies to people which will enhance the quality of our life.

Welcome to a brand new experience of internet connectivity.

What we Offer

Citi Broadband Internet Services offer round the clock high bandwidth internet connection which supports all multimedia applications and large volume data and file transfers. We argue uninterrupted connectivity, band width options, online traffic statistics, detailed billing and constant support and maintenance.

Our band width allowes you to surf the internet swiftly, to watch live tv programs, communicate via email, telephony, chatting etc, upload or download, videos, audios or movies in any definition in minimum time at minimum cost.

Avail our connection and enjoy problem free net experience through net.

What is Broad Band

Broad band enables one to down load or upload significantly faster than any other mode of connection. It is the fastest data transferring method and allows one to send and relieve text, audio and video files is far greater speed. When it takes 10 to 30 minutes to download a song (approximately 3.5 MB) through dial up connection , through broad band connection it only takes less than 2 minutes to the same.

Since its inception Broad band has strength end continually and speed continues to rise. Now it refers to a communication bandwidth of 256 kilo bites per second. Each channel is 6 MHZ wide and it uses an extensive range of frequencies to relay and receive data effortlessly between networks.

Our special feature

Citi Broadband internet service possesses special features which make it the perfect service provider of your choice. Our OFC network ensures good connectivity. Our bandwidth assure smarter and faster data transfer and our administration make sure that the billing is absolutely transparent with online data statistics always available with a clear and detailed billing. We offer different schemes to suit various requirements, many of them pay – per 0 use schemes. Now choosing an appropriate plan or migrating to different plans are all easily done by a simple click.



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